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Equity is the Only Acceptable Goal ~ Paul Farmer

Let's see... What's new? 

In 2021, the State passed a law which required schools to incorporate lessons about diversity and inclusion into K-12 curricula. An early draft of the bill limited these lessons to PE/Health classes in the upper grades, but the final bill encompassed every grade and every subject. 

There are some existing resources that you probably already use:

But you may not have seen these:

And, it's possible you may have never seen your district's Comprehensive Equity Plan. Every district is supposed to have one and the 2019-2022 plans should be completed by June. My hope is that the 2022-2025 plans are more comprehensive and rigorous (and faithfully executed...). 

And don't forget that back in 2019, the State passed a law which stated that schools should incorporate into their curricula materials about members of the LGBTQ+ community as well as materials about people with disabilities. This should have taken effect in September 2020. If you're playing catch-up on this one, here's a quick list of resources:

Kate Okeson's  powerpoint 
There's the actual text of the law. 
GS Equality's 
resources for educators.'s resources for educators.
UC Berkeley's
bank of
 lesson plans 

for Updating




You're going to the best judge of your school's culture and climate. As with everything in education, its always best to meet learners in their zone of proximal development. These links are just suggestions for your team.


Just a collection of videos that you could use to start a lesson. You'll know what'll work best for your students. 

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