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Visual & Performing Arts

The Good News and the Invitation

The Good News is that the standards for Visual and Performing Arts now encompass all of what teachers in those disciplines actually do in the course of the year. The Not-so-Good News is that the VPA standards have changed more than any other discipline. 

The headlines are:

  • Tons of new standards

  • New Grade Bands (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12)

  • Climate Change included in every discipline

  • Media Arts is now a stand-alone discipline

  • Starting in grade 9, the standards in each discipline are broken down into proficiency levels

    • Proficient​ (prof)

    • Accomplished (acc)

    • Advanced (adv)

The Invitation proferred by the State DOE is to allow your students the opportunity to engage in thoughtful critique, analysis and discussion of artistic endeavors, theirs and those pursued by others. Developing the ability to provide and receive feedback about their work - at every proficiency level - requires maturity, tact, patience, and consideration. It is difficult to receive what may be perceived as 'criticism' of creative endeavors, so the ability of the teacher to model that skill is crucial to allow the students to learn and grow.

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