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Computer Science & Design Thinking

Game on.

When you read the old Tech standards, they almost seem quaint. Teachers were supposed to help kids open documents, enter data into spreadsheets, and search for items on the internet.

Those days are over. 

The new Computer Science and Design Thinking standards are exactly that: computer science and design standards. The terms are much more technical and the design process is spelled out in a way that requires students and teachers to assess their ideas through multiple frames, including accessibility and environmental sustainability.

The State has postponed its requirement that new CS teachers have a special certification, but admins would be wise to support any teacher who wants to take the additional 15 credits for the extra endorsement. 

My best advice to teachers and admins who are daunted by the new requirements would be to take a breath. The terms may be unfamiliar and the concepts may be new, but these new standards provide you and your students an opportunity to learn and grow. 

Check out some of these sites to get started:

Scratch - Developed by MIT to help beginners and young programmers - "Learn Computer Science. Change the World."

Rutgers CS Summit Presentation by Deirdre Richardson, Regina Nadbielny, & Paige Besthoff

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